Future-proof Technologies

Innovation, architecture, security, integration capability, and scalability are the important technology components when selecting an ECM system.

With the experience of several tens of thousands of customer projects, DocuWare has developed technologies for Enterprise Content Management which are currently world-leading.

ECM for Today and Tomorrow

The world of IT is undergoing a rapid transformation, with new and varied types of IT devices and technologies emerging nearly every day.

Against this backdrop, DocuWare uses the latest technologies in programming and creating the architecture of its document management system, and offers its customers software that will continued to meet the varied user requirements of tomorrow.

To work with DocuWare you only need an Internet-capable device with a browser. The ECM system can be used across platforms, both on Windows and Mac OS devices.

This is possible due to the standards-based architecture of DocuWare, which stands out with real multi-client capability and a service-oriented structure, in addition to ultra-modern interfaces for web and mobile applications. Only in a few cases are local applications needed; these are brought together in DocuWare Desktop Apps, which can easily be managed centrally.

The DocuWare Client is based on HTML5 technology and therefore supports all standard browsers, even for highly complex operating scenarios. The system works with open communication standards and uses HTTP/HTTPS between components, mostly together with either REST (Representational State Transfer) or SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).

DocuWare’s mobile applications are both available for iOS and Android, thus running on all major platforms. For a DocuWare installation, the newest Windows versions are supported. In addition, all leading database server technologies such as MS SQL, MySQL, and Oracle are supported across a multitude of versions.