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DocuWare is the comprehensive, complete solution for securely archiving business documents of all types, making them available in a flexible way, and using them efficiently. Regardless of the format and source, the ECM automates business processes and workflows by managing and linking documents electronically.

The basis for this is the structured storage of documents in a central document pool. Every employee with the necessary authorization has access to all information needed for their work – regardless of whether they are at their PC in the office or on their smartphone when on the move. All interrelated documents concerning a customer, a project, or a business process are available within a few seconds.

Features of DocuWare Include

Tailor Made Access Rights

Access to documents is reliably controlled through a detailed authorization concept consisting of groups, roles and profiles. This concept ensures that employees, auditors, customers and suppliers will only see the documents they are allowed to see by their level of authorization. Direct access to document files through the file browser of the operating system is not possible. Log features also make it possible to verify which user accessed or modified a document and when, even years later.

Demand-Led Storage Systems

DocuWare file cabinets store documents throughout their life cycle: from the moment they are imported or created, through editing and processing to long-term archiving. All current storage technologies are supported: from hard disks or RAID systems through Content Addressed Storage (CAS), all the way to Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions.

Open Standards for Documents and Index Data

The document file is saved in the original format or as a PDF/A file. A “metafile” in XML format is saved for each document file. This is used to record information about the document and its contents and contains comments and stamps, and a copy of the categorization and index data of the document for security. The main storage location for index data is an SQL database linked to the document files. This ensures that all documents can be retrieved quickly and easily and enriched with a fulltext index if required.

Security Compliance

DocuWare has extensive security mechanisms for audit-proof archiving. These protect documents in the entire workflow, from import through to long-term archiving on read-only media and storage systems. DocuWare meets the relevant legal and regulatory standards including AO and GoDB. It automatically monitors storage and deletion periods. DocuWare ensures that data which may be needed for legal reasons can be accessed throughout the entire statutory retention period by means of export functions.

Quick Retrieval

DocuWare makes it easy for you to find the information you’re looking for. Search terms can be entered in full, in part, in combination or selected from select lists. The results are available directly in a list that you can sort as you wish.

Task –Specific Search and Storage Profiles

For every file cabinet different search and storage dialogs, and results lists can be defined, as well as setting display fields. The different dialogs can then be assigned to individual users or roles. Every user therefore has the user interface to best execute their specific tasks with DocuWare. Short, clear dialogs make work easier for everyone. 

Full Text Search

Search terms do not necessarily have to refer to the documents’ index entries. The text of documents can also be searched. To do this, a fulltext index for the documents is automatically created in the file cabinet in the background. The function reads terms from scanned documents and the most common file formats. The powerful fulltext index can be combined with all supported database systems. Abbreviations and several search terms are permitted for the fulltext search. The occurrences are marked in color when displaying a found document in the DocuWare Viewer.

Full Text Searches in Other Programs

It is also particularly efficient to integrate DocuWare search queries into other programs which you use frequently. This can be implemented simply with DocuWare Smart Connect: Every user can show special search fields in their familiar applications using easy-to-create configurations. Clicking on the field immediately delivers the exact document(s) from the DocuWare file cabinet which belong to a process and are necessary for further work.

Efficient Collaboration

Documents in a company are rarely only relevant for just one person. It is important that documents are available centrally, that coworkers can flexibly access current information at anytime, and that the status of each document is always transparent.

DocuWare offers numerous functions to organize workflows efficiently and easily integrate coworkers in document processing. Simply save a result list to always have current documents for a frequently used search readily available. Automatic Version Management ensures that all employees can always access the current version of a document.

Editing Documents in Two Ways

First, notices, comments, and stamps can be overlayed digitally to documents. The document itself remains unchanged.

You can also open documents in the respective editing program such as Word or Excel. This is done either directly in the file cabinet or after the document has been checked out. When documents are checked out, the version in the file cabinet is locked for editing by others. A new version is created when the document is checked back into the file cabinet. The previous versions are retained for checking and tracking purposes.

Team Collaboration

Even in changing teams or inter-group projects, DocuWare helps you carry out your work easily and transparently.

In just a few clicks, lists are created which contain all current documents of a project, for example. If a new document is added, the list automatically updates for the coworkers involved. There is also an automatic email notification to make sure that absolutely everyone is in the loop.

Using these lists and notifications, you can also forward documents to each particular coworker for processing. After finishing their tasks they can forward the document to the next person responsible using a stamp. Even external service providers can easily be included in the process.

Controlling Processes

Digital document-based workflows are not only faster, they are far more reliable than the paper-based variety.

For example, when you stamp an invoice digitally, this is immediately and automatically forwarded to the next person for processing in the digital workflow. Should the responsible coworker be absent, the system automatically reacts and steers the invoice to a substitute. With a click of the mouse, documents linked to the invoice are also immediately available in order to clarify open questions and make the right decisions.

Automated processes ensure that documents are processed in a structured manner and that all tasks are completed reliably. The current status of a document can be traced at any time.

High-Performance Workflow Manager 

For the processing of frequently recurring documents, such as incoming invoices, DocuWare offers a highly efficient model for controlling and monitoring procedures with its Workflow Manager. The tasks connected with a document move step by step from one responsible person to the next and can also be processed in parallel. All participants always have the latest status on the screen: So if a coworker approves a partial amount of the invoice, the data for everyone else is updated automatically. For every task it can be specified exactly what is to happen if a coworker is on vacation or a certain deadline has passed. Depending on the escalation level, a reminder is sent or the task is reassigned.

DocuWare Workflow Manager has a graphic user interface which makes it easy for you to depict company processes digitally. Which work step is to take place when, and what happens if a task cannot be fulfilled: In DocuWare Workflow Designer, you yourself design highly complex procedures using simple symbols and links – no programming knowledge is required.

Working in a Mobile World

Many people have become used to accessing data and information at anytime and from anywhere using smartphones or tablets. With DocuWare this also applies for the working environment. With the DocuWare Mobile app you can also access your file cabinets from mobile devices and have the same options as in the office. Regardless of whether you’re using the waiting time at the airport to approve an invoice on your smartphone, or whether you’re at a customer meeting and want to see their current orders on your tablet: The DocuWare Mobile app provides you all the files you need with just a few clicks or swipes.

DocuWare also provides its own business apps for quickly storing new documents in DocuWare while on the move. DocuWare PaperScan enables you to scan paper documents with any smartphone. The scan quality meets the highest requirements in the business world and handling is very simple: You hold the smartphone over the document, the device starts automatically; then if necessary you scan further pages, and upload the document to DocuWare.

Integrating DocuWare into Other Exiting Applications

For optimal procedures in storing, searching, and document workflows, DocuWare can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT applications, such as ERP solutions or merchandise management systems.

A wide variety of integration methods means that any integration is always coordinated for the respective needs and the available resources. This means that this is nearly always possible with simple menu-guided configuration.

Most manufacturers’ multifunction printers can be connected directly to DocuWare in order to archive documents during scanning. With DocuWare Printer you can store documents in the file cabinet from nearly every application by using the print command. The individual integration into the user interface of any software (mask-based integration) can be easily configured with Smart Connect. In turn, with DocuWare Autoindex, information from other systems can be transferred into DocuWare using automated data reconciliation on database level, or – vice versa – data from DocuWare can be transferred to the third-party application.

Setting Up and Configuring DocuWare

DocuWare has always stood out thanks to its very simple administration and configuration of the system regardless of how the feature set has grown, and will continue to grow.

Every company has special requirements of Enterprise Content Management and wants to implement specific tasks with the system. Therefore the focus of DocuWare product development is that a DocuWare system can be configured individually.

Using user-friendly web interfaces, users can create corresponding configurations for themselves and make them available to coworkers or whole departments.

For example, these configurations can be used to define the import and indexing of scanned documents, email archiving, call-up of documents in DocuWare from third-party applications, and much more. You can find direct support and instructions in our extensive video collection, our product blog, and the DocuWare Support Forum. 

Clear Administration

The basic principles for a DocuWare system are set up and configured in DocuWare Administration. These include DocuWare servers, database connections, storage locations for documents, and logging, for example. System administrators appreciate the simple management of the system in DocuWare Administration, where all details can be defined with a few clicks.

Flexible Scalability

Regardless of how a company grows or how areas of application change, DocuWare grows with it, without additional training costs. DocuWare software enables you either to get started with a small number of users in a department and gradually extend the system to other departments, or to cover all your bases with a comprehensive solution right away. It is very easy to maintain the constant high performance of the system, regardless of the number of users and archived documents.

All document accesses and actions of the user are processed using services. In a small system, these can all run on the same server computer together with the database. For larger systems, the same services run in a multi-server environment, i.e., on several server computers. In order to distribute the load in large systems or to increase system protection, the services can also run multiple times on separate server computers within a DocuWare system. The services, the DocuWare architecture, and the technologies used always remain the same. No other ECM system has this flexibility of scaling with consistent, simple administration.

DocuWare Cloud

For DocuWare Cloud, all data and documents are encrypted in a multi-level process and securely stored in a data center. One advantage of the cloud solution is that there are no costs for additional server hardware. You also do not need to devote any effort to maintenance and operation. You automatically benefit from the latest versions and ECM innovations, and can use all additional modules at no further cost. Both the system and our specialists are available around the clock.

Our flexible licensing options give you the full range of functionalities, tailored to the number of users and documents. You can add additional users or storage space at any time if required, without changing your familiar working environment. DocuWare Cloud makes flexible pricing possible for every company size.

DocuWare On-Premise

With DocuWare on-premises, you purchase licenses for servers, users, and add-on modules. Thus, you can also adjust DocuWare on-premises very flexibly to your company’s requirements.

The basis for every DocuWare installation is a server license. Three different server models offer a range of functions that cover requirements for various sized companies. In addition to the feature portfolio provided by the server licenses, you can individually expand the DocuWare feature set with add-on modules. For example, there are modules to integrate document management for storage and searching in other applications or to implement extremely demanding document workflows. Purchasing an additional add-on license makes the expanded feature set available to all users in an organization.