Print Management


Workflow Solutions

Automate business processes to
increase productivity and performance.


Document Management

Centralize digitized files for more efficient storage.
Enable files to be located, updated, and shared rapidly.


Scanning Services

Reclaim space once wasted by file cabinets. Increase security
and reduce risks of damage to paper files by scanning.


See how easy it can be to eliminate paper from any process and work smarter.

Why Go Digital

The average employee spends 30 to 40 percent of their time looking through email, paper documents, shared hard disks and filing cabinets trying to find information they need to complete their tasks. Going digital is the first step to making searches instantaneous.

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Move to the Cloud

Add scale, power and mobility once available to only the Global 1000 by providing high-value solutions like office automation and document management with surprising ease.

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Use DocuWare

DocuWare has scalable user-friendly, mobile and easy to administer options designed to fit your organization’s needs. Empower employees to access documents such as accounting records, technical drawings and e-mail quickly, reliably and securely, from any department or location.

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Whether as a cloud or on-premise solution, Docuware offers all of the elements needed for a powerful Enterprise Content Management Solution. The cloud and on-premise options are flexible, easily navigated and can enable your organizations to work on the move.

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Thanks to experience gained from over 10,000 customer projects, DocuWare has developed the world’s leading technology for Enterprise Content Management. We view Innovation, Architecture, Security, Integration and Scalability as core segments of technology leadership in ECM – and in every one of these areas, we are well ahead of our competition.

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Scan on Demand

Let us store your files in our secure record storage facilities. We have several climate controlled, restricted access locations across the US that can each hold thousands of boxes. Call or email us when you need a file. We will locate the file, scan it, and email you a copy. We will scan as many files as you need at one time, then either re-file them or shred them according to your instruction.

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